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SEPTEMBER 17, 2018

1904 - Jerry Colonna, comedian, actor, saxophonist, second banana to Bob Hope on his radio show and during their USO tours, and Capitol Records artist, is born Gerardo Luigi Colonna in Boston, Massachusetts
1950 - Fee Waybill, lead singer of the Capitol Records group The Tubes, is born John Waldo in Omaha, Nebraska

1947 - Vocalists Johnny Mercer and The Pied Pipers (June Hutton, Chuck Lowry, Hal Hopper, and Clark Yocum), with Paul Weston and His Orchestra (lineup unlisted), record the titles "Jingle Bells" and "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" in Los Angeles, California. Capitol Records will issue both titles together as a single (Capitol 15004).
1947 - Fiddle player and vocalist Ernest "Red" Ingle and The Natural Seven (Carl "Tiny" Hunt on fiddle and possible mandolin, Joseph Quadri also on fiddle, Art Wenzel on accordion, Perry Botkin Jr., Les Paul, and Luke "Red" Roundtree on guitars, Don Whitaker on bass, and Ormand Downes on drums), with The Mad Madrigal Singers (vocalists Joseph "Country" Washburn, Karen Tedder, Red Ingle and Foster Carling) record the titles "Git Up Offn' The Floor, Hannah (A Bitter New Year's Eve)" and, with the addition of Victor Arno (as Niccolo Piu Noodnik, The Guest Violinist), "Pagan Ninny's Keep'er Goin' Stomp" at Radio Recorders' studios at 932 North Western Avenue in Hollywood, California between 1:00 PM and 4:30 PM. Capitol Records will issue "Git Up Offn' The Floor, Hannah (A Bitter New Year's Eve)" as a single (Capitol 15123) with "Moe Zart's Turkey Trot" (recorded December 19, 1947) on the flipside and "Pagan Ninny's Keep'er Goin' Stomp" as a single (Capitol 476) with "(You Come Along From Out Of) Nowhere" (recorded October 13, 1947) on the flipside.
70 Years Ago Today In 1948 - The King Cole Trio's Capitol Records children's album "King Cole For Kids" is #8 on The Billboard magazine's Best-Selling Children's Records chart.
1952 - Nat "King" Cole's Capitol Records single "Somewhere Along The Way" is #8 and his single "Walkin' My Baby Back Home" is #30 on The Billboard magazine's Records Most Played By Disk Jockeys chart. "Somewhere Along The Way" is also #13 and Nat "King" Cole's single "Because Your Mine" debuts at #24 on The Billboard magazine's Best Selling Pop Singles chart. "Somewhere Along The Way" is also #19 on The Billboard magazine's Most Played Juke Box Records chart.
1952 - Vocalist and guitarist Jimmy Loden (as "Sonny James"), with Chet Atkins on electric guitar, Eddie Hill on rhythm guitar, Jerry Byrd on steel guitar, and Floyd T. "Lightnin'" Chance on bass, records the titles "That's Me Without You", "Cold, Cold, And Colder", "Somebody Else's Heartache", and "The One I Can't Forget" in the Castle Studio at Tulane Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM. Capitol Records will issue "That's Me Without You" and "Cold, Cold, And Colder" together as a single (Capitol 2259) and "Somebody Else's Heartache" and "The One I Can't Forget" together as a single (Capitol 2399).
1955 - Tennessee Ernie Ford records both titles for the single "You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry", with "Sixteen Tons" as the flipside, at Capitol Records' studios on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood, California with arranger Jack Fascinato and producer Lee Gillette. Disc jockeys would quickly make the flipside the hit after Capitol ships the record on October 17, 1955.
1955 - Capitol Records released "Magic Melody, Part Two". The tune consists only of the last two notes of the musical phrase, “Shave and a haircut, two bits,” making it the shortest tune ever to be released.
1957 - It's Tuesday night at 7:30 PM and on tonight's episode of "The Nat 'King' Cole Show" on NBC-TV Nat welcomes guests The Sparkletones (their network debut) and Tony Martin. Here's the script.
1957 - At two sessions held at The Riverside Plaza Hotel in New York City, New York, cornetist Bobby Hacket and trombonist Jack Teagarden, with Peanuts Hucko on clarinet and tenor saxophone, Ernie Caceres on baritone saxophone and clarinet, Gene Schroeder on piano, Billy Bauer on guitar, Jack Lesberg on bass, and Buzzy Drootin on drums, record the titles "Oh Baby", "Sunday", "Everybody Loves My Baby", "55th And Broadway", and "55th And Broadway (Mono Alternate Take)". Note: The two takes of "55th And Broadway" are different. Capitol Records will issue all the titles except "55th And Broadway (Mono Alternate Take)" on the stereo version of Hackett and Teagarden's album "Ultimate Jazz" (ST 933) and all titles except the stereo version of "55th And Broadway" on the mono version of the album (T 933).
1962 - Nat "King" Cole's Capitol Records album "Ramblin' Rose" is #6 on WHK 1420 AM's Top Ten Albums chart in Cleveland, Ohio and Cole's Capitol Records single "Ramblin' Rose" is #19 on the station's Official Fabulous 50 Tunedex in Cleveland, Ohio.
1962 - Paul Weston conducts his own arrangements to His Orchestra (lineup unlisted) as they record the titles "The Bells Of Santa Ynez", "Sunrise Bells And Alabado", and "Adobe" in Los Angeles, California. Capitol Records will issue "The Bells Of Santa Ynez" and "Sunrise Bells And Alabado" on Weston's album "The Bells Of Santa Ynez" (T/ST 1849) and have yet to issue the take of "Adobe" recorded at this session but will issue the take recorded on September 21, 1962 also on the album "The Bells Of Santa Ynez".
55 Years Ago Today In 1963 - Vocalist Nat "King" Cole, with Ralph Carmichael conducting the orchestra (which included Reunald Jones, Clyde Raesinger, and Walt Stuart on trumpets, Vince Forchetti on trombone, John Collins on guitar, Charlie Harris on bass, Leon Petties on drums, and David Arben and Jerry Wigler on violins), records the titles "Wouldn't It Be Loverly?", "I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face", "and "I Could Have Danced All Night" at The Broadwood Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Capitol Records will issue all the titles on Cole's album "Nat 'King' Cole Sings 'My Fair Lady'" (W 2117).
1964 - Nat "King" Cole's Capitol Records single "I Don't Want To See Tomorrow" is #26 on WKNR/KEENER 13's singles survey in Detroit, Michigan.
1972 - Capitol Records artist Mark Guerrero, with The Mudd Brothers, perform at "the first ever Chicano rock concert" at Cal State L.A. Stadium
1982 - Vocalist Tina Turner, with unlisted others, records a cover version of The Motel's title "Total Control" in Los Angeles, California for Capitol Records. Columbia Records will license the title and issue it on the multi-artist compilation "We Are The World" (40043). Capitol Records will issue the title on Turner's three-CD set "The Collected Recordings (Sixties To Nineties)" (8-29724-2).
1982 - Rene & Angela (vocalists Rene Moore and Angela Winbush) record the title "Rise" in (listed as possibly) Los Angeles, California. Capitol Records will issue the title on the duo's album "Rise" (ST-12267).
1990 - Capitol Records releases Poison's single "Something To Believe In" with "Ball And Chain" on the flipside
1996 - Capitol Records Nashville releases Ronnie Milsap's compilation album "Ronnie Milsap Sings His Best Hits For Capitol Records"
1996 - Capitol Records releases the faux leopard spotted fur covered "Ultra-Lounge Fuzzy Sampler" CD.

1962 - Pianist Duke Ellington, with Charles Mingus on bass and Max Roach on drums, records the titles "Very Special", fourteen takes of "A Little Max (Parfait)", two takes of "Fleurett Africans (African Flower)", three takes of "Rem Blues", "Wig Wise", four takes of "Switch Blade", "Caravan", two takes of "Money Jungle", four takes of "Solitude", three takes of "Warm Valley", and two takes of "Backward Country Boy Blues" in Sound Makers Studios in New York City, New York with producer Alan Douglas and recording engineer Bill Schwartau. United Artists Records will issue "Very Special", take 2 of "Fleurette Africaine (African Flower)", "Wig Wise", "Caravan", take 2 of Money Jungle", take 4 of "Solitude", and take 3 of "Warm Valley" on the trio's album "Money Jungle" (UAJS 15017). Blue Note Records will re-issue the album with the addition of take 6 of "A Little Max (Parfait)", take two of "Switch Blade", and take 2 of "Backward Country Boy" on the vinyl album "Money Jungle" (BT 85129). Blue Note Records, with issue all the titles on the vinyl release with the addition of take 14 of "A Little Max (Parfait)" and take 3 of "Solitude"on the first CD release of "Money Jungle" (7-46398-2) and will add take 1 of "Rem Blues", take 4 of "Switch Blade", and the false start take of "Backward Country Boy Blues" on the second CD release of "Money Jungle" (5-38227-2). Transamerica Corporation, which at the time owned United Artists, bought Liberty Records which at the time controlled the Blue Note catalog, E.M.I. bought United Artists' catalog, and, currently, Universal Music Group, Capitol Records' parent company, owns the United Artists, Liberty, and Blue Note Records catalogs. Blue Note is currently a division of, and distributed by, Capitol Records.
1967 - The first printed "Paul Is Dead" story appears in Tim Harper's article for the Drake Times-Delphic (the student newspaper of Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa) titled "Is Beatle Paul McCartney Dead?"
1999 - The United States Post Office issues a stamp, illustrated by Robin Shepherd (who started his career painting cels for the movie) and graphic designer Caleb Lawrence, to commemorate the re-issue of The Beatles' animated feature film "Yellow Submarine"

95 Years Ago Today In 1923 - Hank Williams, songwriter, guitarist, and singer, is born Hiram King Williams in Georgiana, Alabama

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