Tuesday, July 20, 2010

JULY 20, 2010

65 Years Ago Today In 1945 - Kim Carnes, singer, songwriter, and EMI/Capitol Records artist, is born in Pasadena California

1942 - Freddie Slack and His Orchestra (George Wendt, Don Anderson, and Clyde Hurley on trumpet; Bill Anthens and Ed Kusby on trombone; Blake Reynolds on alto saxophone and clarinet; Bumps Meyers on tenor saxophone; Art Smith and Al Taylor on reeds; Slack on piano; T-Bone Walker on guitar; Fred Whiting on bass; and Rich Cornell on drums) record the tracks "He's My Guy" (with vocals by Ella Mae Morse), "Mister Five By Five" (with vocals by Ella Mae Morse and Johnny Mercer), "The Thrill Is Gone" (with vocals by Ella Mae Morse), and "Riffette" (arranged by Gaye Jones) at their second session for Capitol Records with Johnny Mercer producing at C.P. MacGregors Studios in Los Angeles, California
1959 - Capitol Records releases Rose Maddox's second single for the label "My Little Baby" with "Custer's Last Stand" on the flip side
1959- Faron Young's Capitol Records single "Country Girl", with "I Hear You Talkin'" on the flip side, enters the U.S. Country singles charts
1964 - Capitol Records releases The Beatles' album "Something New" as well as their singles "I'll Cry Instead", with "I'm Happy Just To Dance With You" on the flip side, and "And I Love Her" with "If I Fell" on the flip side
1964 - Capitol Records releases Buck Owens' album "Together Again/My Heart Skips A Beat"
1969 - Capitol Records producer Dave Dexter, Jr. is at Mission Control in Houston, Texas co-ordinating recordings of communications between Earth and Apollo 11's lunar module Eagle, with pilot Neil Armstrong and co-pilot "Buzz" Aldrin, as it lands on the Moon in Tranquility Bay and as, later that day, Armstrong becomes the first human to step foot on the moon's surface. Dexter's recordings, with narration by Paul Haney, will become the Capitol Records album "We Have Landed On The Moon" as well as a differently edited version that is released as an album by Capitol Records Special Markets.
5 Years Ago Today In 2005 - Capitol Records Nashville artist Dierks Bentley records the track “Murder on Music Row” with Country Music legend George Jones
2006 - According to Scott Sparling's The Seger File website, Bob Seger's new album "Face The Promise" is being mastered today.

1911 - Madame Tetrazzini lays the corner stone of The Gramophone Company (which will become E.M.I.)'s new cabinet factory at Hayes
1921 - The Gramophone Company (which will become E.M.I.)'s new retail store on Oxford Street is opened by Sir Edward Elgar
1956 - Paul Cook, drummer with the EMI and Virgin Records group The Sex Pistols, is born in London, England
1961 - The Beat Brothers (aka The Beatles) sign a German recording contract with producer/bandleader Bert Kaempfert
1968 - Jane Asher, BBC Television variety show host and sister of Peter Asher of the Capitol Records group Peter & Gordon, announces that Paul McCartney, member of the Apple and Capitol Records group The Beatles, has broken off their engagement.

70 Years Ago Today In 1940 - Billboard magazine publishes the first US weekly pop singles chart. Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra has the first #1 with 'I'll Never Smile Again' featuring vocals by future Capitol Records artists Frank Sinatra and The Pied Pipers
1969 - Apollo 11's lunar module Eagle, with pilot Neil Armstrong and co-pilot "Buzz" Aldrin, lands on the moon in Tranquility Bay. Later that day, Armstrong will become the first human to step foot on the moon's surface.

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