Tuesday, April 10, 2012

APRIL 10, 2012

60 Years Ago Today In 1952 - Kay Starr's Capitol Records single "Wheel of Fortune", with "Angry" on the flip side, is still #1 on Billboard's Pop singles charts
1956 - Capitol Records artist Nat "King" Cole is badly beaten up on stage by a white supremacist group, in front of a white audience, in Birmingham, Alabama
1958 - Wanda Jackson records the tracks "(Every Time They Play) Our Song", which will be released by Capitol Records as the flip side of "Mean Mean Man", and "A Date With Jerry", which will be released as a single by Capitol with "You're The One For Me" on the flip side
1961 - Capitol Records releases Rose Maddox and Buck Owens' single "Mental Cruelty" with "Loose Talk" on the flip side
1965 - Freddie and The Dreamers' Tower Records (a subsidiary of Capitol Records) single "I'm Telling You Now", with "What Have I Done To You?" on the flip side, is still #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 Singles chart
45 Years Ago Today In 1967 - Merle Haggard records the track "Branded Man" which will be the title track for his 1967 Capitol Records album and released by Capitol as a single with "You Don't Have Very Far To Go (1967 version)" on the flip side
45 Years Ago Today In 1967 - Paul McCartney visits a Beach Boys' recording session, producing the track "Vegetables"
1970 - Paul McCartney announces that The Beatles have broken up
40 Years Ago Today In 1972 - Freddie Hart's Capitol Records single "My Hang-Up Is You", with "Big Bad Wolf" on the flip side, is #1 on the U.S. Country singles charts
1998 - CEMA (the then catlog division of Capitol Records and EMI) releases Freddie Hart's compliation album "Best of Freddie Hart"
5 Years Ago Today In 2007 - Dakota Staton (aka Aliyah Rabia), singer, dancer, sister of saxophonist Fred Staton, and a Capitol Records and United Artists Records artist, dies in Manhattan, New York at age 74 after a few years of declining health.

1911 - Martin Denny, bandleader, composer, pianist, and Liberty Records artist, is born in New York City, New York. Some listings have him being born on April 5, 1911. If anyone knows for sure, please leave a comment.
55 Years Ago Today In 1957 - Future Imperial and Capitol Records artist Ricky Nelson starts his singing career on his parents' network television show "Ozzie and Harriet" when he sings the track "I'm Walkin'"
50 Years Ago Today In 1962 - Stu Sutcliffe, artist and original bass player for The Beatles, who had quit the band to return to art school and stay with his girlfriend Astrid Kirchherr, dies from a brain hemmorrhage following a series of violent headaches, in Hamburg, West Germany at age 21, the day before The Beatles were to return to Hamburg from Liverpool to start their third tour in the city

1956 - Leo Fender is granted the patent for The Stratocaster guitar

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