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DECEMBER 13, 2015

1954 - Berton Averre, lead guitarist and vocalist with the Capitol Records group The Knack, is born in Van Nuys, California

70 Years Ago Today In 1945 - Singer June Christy signs a personal contract with Capitol Records
70 Years Ago Today In 1945 - Wesley Tuttle and His Texas Stars (Wesley Tuttle and Merle Travis on vocals and guitars, with Margie Ann "Fiddlin' Kate" De Vere and Charles Linville on fiddle, Paul Sells on accordion, Paul Stambaugh on piano, Phil Marx Jr. on steel guitar, Cliffie Stone on bass, Jack Turner on drums, and Conrad Cottrell on an unlisted instrument), using arrangements by Paul Sells, record the titles "Detour", "I Wish I Never Met Sunshine", "Little You Cared", and "Why Do I Love You, Oh Why" at Radio Recorders studios in Hollywood, California. Capitol Records will issue the first two titles together as a single (Capitol 233), the third title as a single (Capitol 373) with "A Broken Promise Is A Broken Heart" (recorded August 2, 1946) on the flipside, and the last title as as single (Capitol Americana 40021) with "If You Ever Needed A Friend" (recorded September 17, 1946) on the flipside.
65 Years Ago Today In 1950 - Ramblin' Jimmie Dolan (on vocals and guitar, with Marvin "Rocky" Stone on fiddle, Eddie Kirk, on guitar, Noel Boggs on steel guitar, and Cliffie Stone on bass), record the titles "Lost Love Blues", "One Diamond Ring" and "Many's The Time" at Capitol Records' Melrose Avenue studios in Hollywood, California between 3:45 PM and 6:45 PM. Capitol Records will issue "Love Lost Blues" and "Many's The Time" together as a single (Capitol 1371) and Bear Family Records will issue "Love Lost Blues" and "One Diamond Ring" on the CD "Jimmie Dolan - Juke Box Boogie" (BCD 16192) in Germany.
65 Years Ago Today In 1950 - During a split session held today (possibly at Capitol Records' Melrose Avenue Studios) in Hollywood, California, first Cliffie Stone and His Orchestra (lineup unlisted but possibly Marvin "Rocky" Stone on fiddle, Eddie Kirk, on guitar, Noel Boggs on steel guitar, and Cliffie Stone on bass) record the titles "Tater Pie", "With A Kiss" featuring Bucky Tibbs and Dale Warren (as "Jimmie Dale") on vocals, and "Amen, Brother Ben" then Stan Freberg (on vocals), with Cliffie Stone and His Orchestra (lineup still unlisted but possibly the same as above with an unlisted piano player who is probably Lou Busch aka Joe "Fingers" Carr), records the titles "Ragtime Dan" and a remake of the title "John And Marsha" with only an unlisted string section and organist. Capitol Records will issue "Tater Pie" and "With A Kiss" together as a single (Capitol 1354), "Amen, Brother Ben" as a single (Capitol 1406) with "Red Headed Polka" (recorded September 25, 1950) on the flipside, and "Ragtime Dan" and "John And Marsha" together as a single (Capitol 1356).
1954 - Frank Sinatra, with Ray Anthony conducting the studio orchestra (Morris Bercov and Fred Fallensby on reeds; Arthur "Skeets" Herfert and Wilbur Schwartz on alto saxpohone; Leo Anthony on baritone saxophone; John Best, Conrad Gozzo, Manny Klein, and Uan Rasey on trumpet; Ed Kusby, Tommy Pederson, and Si Zentner on trombone; George Roberts on bass trombone; Al Hendrickson on guitar; Paul Smith on piano; and Jack Constanzo, Lou Singer, and Alvin Stoller on drums), records the tracks "Melody Of Love" and "I'm Gonna Live Till I Die", both of which are arranged by Dick Reynolds and released on the same Capitol Records single, at Capitol Records' Melrose Avenue studios in Hollywood, California
1963 - Capitol Records signs a right of first refusal agreement with The Beatles
50 Years Ago Today In 1965 - Capitol Records releases its version of The Beatles' album "Rubber Soul"
1966 - Peter and Gordon's Capitol Records single "Lady Godiva", with "Morning's Calling" on the flip side is at #3 on Billboard's Hot 100 Singles chart
1966 - The Beach Boys records the vocals for their "Heroes And Villans" track
25 Years Ago Today In 1990 - Poison's Capitol Records single "Something To Believe In", with "Ball and Chain" on the flipside, is #3 on Billboard's Hot 100 Singles chart
2004 - Capitol Records Nashville releases Trace Adkins' track "Songs About Me" to Country radio stations
2009 - Yvonne King (aka Yvonne King Burch), singer, radio, movie and television actress, sister-in-law to Capitol Records artist Alvino Rey, one-time wife of Capitol Records artist Buddy Cole and member of Capitol Records vocal group The King Sisters, died in a hospital in Santa Barbara, California at age 89 after being injured in a fall.
2012 - In the early hours of the morning, George Osaki, art director at Capitol Records from the 1960 until leaving to join AGI in 1970, and then going on to become MCA Records' first director of creative services in November 1971, whose protégés included Roland Young (A&M), Ed Thrasher (Warner Bros.), John Van HamersveldBob LockhartRod Dyer and Roy Kohara, who succeeded him at Capitol, dies at age 78. 

1974 - Apple and Capitol Records artist George Harrison, Billy Preston, Ravi Shankar, and Harrison's father are invited to the White House for a luncheon visit with President Gerald Ford. Ford gives Harrison a W.I.N. (Whip Inflation Now) button and Harrison gives Ford a OM button (the mantra word for creation).
1994 - Liberty Records (now Capitol Records Nashville) releases Garth Brooks' compilation album "Garth Brooks: The Hits"

1948 - The second American Federation of Musicians strike ends after 11 1/2 months

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