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JANUARY 18, 2020

1913 - Danny Kaye, motion picture and television actor (who, among many other roles, played the role of Capitol Records artist Red Nichols in the biopic "The Five Pennies"), comedian, singer, dancer, UNICEF ambassador, and Capitol Records artist (1956-1958), is born David Daniel Kaminski in Brooklyn, New York

1946 - Tex Ritter's Capitol Records single "You Will Have To Pay", with "Christmas Carols By The Old Corral" on the flipside, is #1 on the U.S. Country singles charts
1951 - Don Wilson records the vocal overdubs on to music tracks recorded by Billy May and a orchestra on October 11, 1950 for the titles "The Flying Mouse: Part 1" and "The Flying Mouse: Part 2" using a script adaptation by Alan Livingston at Capitol Records' Melrose Avenue studios in Hollywood, California. Capitol Records will release the final version of both tracks on the children's album "The Flying Mouse" (CAS-3092).
1951 - Composer Ferde Grofé conducts The Capitol Symphony Orchestra (lineup unlisted) as they record the titles "On The Trail""Sunset", and parts 1 and 2 of "Cloudburst" from his "Grand Canyon Suite" in Los Angeles, California. Capitol Records will issue all the titles and parts on Grofé and the orchestra's album "Grand Canyon Suite" (L-270).
1951 - During a split session held at Capitol Records' Melrose Avenue studios in Hollywood, California, first Wesley "Speedy" West (on steel guitar), with Cliffie Stone and His Orchestra (Harold Glenn Hensley on fiddle, Billy Liebert on organ, Ivy "Jimmy" Bryant and Eddie Kirk on guitar, Clifford "Cliffie Stone" Snyder on bass, and Milton "Muddy" Berry on drums), records a unreleased and lost take of the title "Railroadin'" then Tex Williams and Tennessee Ernie Ford (on vocals), also with Cliffie Stone and His Orchestra (with the addition of Wesley "Speedy" West on steel guitar), records the titles "I'm A Bad Man" and "You Can Tell A Texan Every Time". Capitol Records will eventually release the "I'm A Bad Man" on the CD "Capitol Collectors Series - Tennessee Ernie Ford" (7-95291-2) and "I'm A Bad Man" and "You Can Tell A Texan Every Time" on the CD "Tennessee Ernie Ford - Masters 1949-1976" (C2-30292).
1952 - Pianist Joe "Fingers" Carr (aka Lou Busch), with vocal group The Carr-Hops and an orchestra (both with unlisted lineups) records the titles "Music Makin' Man From Texas", "Noodlin' Rag", "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" and "When You're Smiling" in Los Angeles, California. Capitol Records will issue "Music Makin' Man From Texas" and "When Your Smiling" together as a single (Capitol 1974) and "Noodlin' Rag" and "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" together as a single (Capitol 2009).
1956 - The Hollywood String Quartet sign with Capitol Records
1956 - Jack Teagarden (on trombone and vocals) with Van Alexander's Orchestra (Mannie Klein and Charlie Teagarden on trumpet, Francis "Joe" Howard and Ben Benson on trombone, Gus Bivona and Skeets Herfurt on alto saxophone, Eddie Miller on tenor saxophone, Butch Stone on baritone saxophone, Ray Sherman on piano, Phil Stephens on bass, and Nick Fatool on drums), records the titles "Beale Street Blues", "If I Could Be With You", "I'm Coming Virginia", and "Fare Thee Well To Harlem" at Capitol Records' Melrose Avenue studios in Hollywood, California. Capitol Records will issue all the titles on Teagarden's album "This Is Teagarden" (T 721).
1956 - Ray Anthony (on trumpet) and His Orchestra (Johnny Best, Frank Beach, Ray Triscari, and Bob Fowler on trumpet, Dick Nash, Hoyt Bohannon, and Murray McEachern on trumpet, Abe Most and Wilbur Schwartz on clarinet and alto saxophone, Georgie Auld and Charles Butler on tenor saxophone, Leo Anthony and baritone saxophone, Geoff Clarkson on piano, Al Hendrickson on guitar, Don Simpson on bass, and Larry Bunker on drums), using arrangements by Don Simpson and George Williams, records the titles "Dream Dancing", "Moonlight In Vermont", and a rejected take of the title "Poet And Peasant Overture". Capitol Records will issue the first two titles on Anthony's album "Ray Anthony Plays For Dream Dancing" (T 723).
1956 - Jerry Reed (on vocals and guitar), with unlisted other musicians, records the titles "I'm A Lover, Not A Fighter""How Can I Go On This Way?""Mister Whiz", and "Honey Chile" in Nashville, Tennessee. Capitol Records will issue "I'm A Lover, Not A Fighter" and "Honey Chile" together as a single (Capitol F3381) and "Mr. Whiz" as a single (Capitol F3429) with "When I Found You" (recorded March 28, 1956) on the flipside. Bear Family Records will issue all the titles in Germany on the compilation CD "Jerry Reed - Here I Am" (BCD 16306).
1958 - Capitol Records records a live concert by The Four Freshmen (Bob Flanigan on lead vocals, bass, and trombone, Don Barbour on vocals and guitar, Ross Barbour on vocals and drums, and Ken Albers on vocals, trumpet, mellophone, and bass) held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California. The group performs "Somebody Loves Me", "In This Whole Wide World", "Malaya", "Angel Eyes", "Them There Eyes", "Grenada", "You've Got Me Cryin' Again", "Day By Day", "It's A Blue World", and "Mr. B's Blues". The recordings were rejected and never released.
1958 - The Jonah Jones Quartet (Jonah Jones on trumpet and vocals, George Rhodes on piano, John Brown on bass, and Harold Austin on drums) begin recording the title "76 Trombones" and record the title "Baubles, Bangles, And Beads" in New York City, New York. Capitol Records rejects the take of "76 Trombones", which will be re-recorded at a later session, and will issue "Baubles, Bangles, And Beads" as a single (Capitol F3893) and on the group's album "Swingin' On Broadway" (EAP-1-963 on 7" EP and T/ST 963 on 12" LP).
1958 - Vocalist Faron Young, with (listed as probably) Marvin Hughes on vibraphone, Hank "Sugarfoot" Garland on electric guitar, Floyd "Lightnin'" Chance on bass, Murray M. "Buddy" Harman, Jr. on drums, and the vocal group The Jordanaires (Hoyt H. Hawkins, Hugh T. Jarrett, Neal Matthews, Jr., and Hugh Gordon Walker) on vocal chorus, records the titles "Rosalie (Is Gonna Get Married)", "I Can't Dance", and "Once In A While" at Bradley Film & Recording Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. Capitol Records will issue "Rosalie (Is Gonna Get Married)" and "I Can't Dance" together as a single (Capitol F3898) and Bear Family Records will issue all the titles in the five-CD box set "Faron Young - The Classic Years" (BCD 15493).
60 Years Ago Today In 1960 - Capitol Records releases The Louvin Brothers single "Nellie Moved To Town" with "The Stagger" on the flipside.
1963 - The Gateway Trio (lineup unlisted) records the titles "Puttin' On The Style", "All Night Long", "Sigmund Freud", "Wide And Deep", "Foolish Questions", "A-Rovin'", "Deportee", "Vanros", "Hard Travellin'", "Southern Winds", "My Mary (Mo' Mary)", "Freedom Bus", "Dehlia Oh Dehlia", "The Dedicated Undertaker", and "Trouble The Water" in Los Angeles, California. Capitol Records will issue all the titles except "Deportee", "Vanros", and "Freedom Bus", which remain unissued, on the group's album "The Mad, Mad, Mad Gateway Trio" (T/ST 1868).
1964 - The Beatles appear on Billboard's Pop singles chart for the first time with their Capitol Records single "I Want To Hold Your Hand"
1966 - During their first two session held in New York City, New York for Capitol Records with producer Marvin Holtzman and conductor Horace Ott using "IMU" arrangements, The Magnifice=nt Men (Dave Bupp on lead vocals, Buddy King on backing vocals and trumpet, Tom Pane on backing vocals and saxophone, Terry Crousare on guitar, Jim Seville on bass, Tom Hoover on organ, and Bob "Puff" Angelucci on drums, organ, and piano) record the title "I've Got News" and an unissued take of the title "So Smooth" at the first session and another unissued take of "So Smooth", the title "All Your Loving's Gone To My Head", and an unissued take of the title "Break Down And Let It All Out" at the second session. Capitol Records will issue "I've Got News" as a single (Capitol 5732) with "Maybe, Maybe Baby" (recorded January 19, 1966) on the flipside and "All Your Loving's Gone To My Head" as a single (Capitol 5608) with "Peace Of Mind" (also recorded on January 19, 1966) on the flipside.
1968 - The Lettermen (vocalists Jim Pike, Tony Butala, and Bob Engemann), with an orchestra (lineup unlisted) using arrangements by Perry Botkin, Jr. and Dick Hazard, record a new take of "By The Time I Get To Phoenix" and the titles "The Look Of Love", "Sherry Don't Go", and "Our Day Will Come" in Los Angeles, California. After overdubs are recorded for "Our Day Will Come" on January 31, 1968, for "By The Time I Get To Phoenix" and "The Look Of Love" on February 1, 1968, and for "Sherry Don't Go" on February 2, 1968, Capitol Records will issue "By The Time I Get To Phoenix", "The Look Of Love", and "Our Day Will Come" on the group's album "Goin' Out Of My Head" (ST 2865) and "Sherry Don't Go" as a single (Capitol 2132) and on the group's album "Special Request" (ST 2934).
1968 - Curley McDimple & Jimmy (lineup unlisted) record the titles "Curley McDimple" and "I've Got A Little Secret" in New York City, New York. Capitol Records will issue both titles together as a single (Capitol 2116).
1968 - Dave Davenport, with unlisted others, records the titles "Crazy Dreams", "Right Now", and Leavin' Your World (A Better Place To Live)" in Nashville, Tennessee. Capitol Records will issue "Crazy Dream" and "Right Now" together as a single (Capitol 2189) and has yet to issue "Leavin' Your World (A Better Place To Live)".
1969 - The Capitol Records soundtrack to United Artists' animated feature film "Yellow Submarine" debuts on Billboard's Pop albums chart
1971 - Happy & Artie Traum (Artie Traum on guitar, banjo and vocals, and Happy Traum on guitar and banjo), record the title "Handful Of Love" in New York City, New York. Capitol Records will issue the title on the duo's album "Double-Back" (ST-799).
1973 - Vocalist Virgil Warner, with unlisted others, records the titles "Leaning On Your Love", "Frisco Depot", and "Goodbye Hangs Above Us" in Nashville, Tennessee. Capitol Records will issue "Leaning On Your Love" and "Goodbye Hangs Above Us" together as a single (Capitol 3574) and "Frisco Depot" as a single (Capitol 3799).
1973 - Vocalist Merle Haggard, with unlisted others, records the titles "Come On Into My Arms" and "Radiator Man From Waco" in Nashville, Tennessee. After overdubs are recorded for "Come On Into My Arms" on January 20, 1973, Capitol Records will issue both titles on Haggard and The Strangers' album "I Love Dixie Blues" (ST-11149) and "Radiator Man From Waco" as a single (Capitol 3552). with "The Emptiest Arms In The World" (recorded January 17, 1973) on the flipside.
1973 - Pink Floyd begins the last 11 of 38 days of recording tracks at EMI's Abbey Road studios in London, England for their album "Dark Side Of The Moon", after taking a break, on October 27, 1972, for touring. Sessions will end on February 1 and the completed album will be distributed by Capitol Records in the United States.
1978 - The Sylvers (lineup unlisted) record the titles "Love Won't Let Me Go", "Just A Little Bit Longer", "Swept For You" and "My Time To Shine" in Los Angeles, California. No issuing information is listed.
1983 - Prism (lineup unlisted) record the titles "Blue Collar" and "State Of The Heart" in Los Angeles, California. Capitol Records will issue both titles on the group's album "Beat Street" (ST-12266).
1988 - Capitol Records registers the masters for all the titles on Shadowfax's album "Folksongs For A Nuclear Village" (C1-46924 on 12" vinyl and 7-46924-2 on CD).
1993 - Capitol Records releases Hoyt Axton's album "American Originals"

1932 - Irene Kral, singer, and a United Artists Records artist (whose UA album "The Band And I" has been reissued on the Capitol Jazz label by Blue Note Records), is born in Chicago, Illinois
1944 - The Metropolitan Opera House in New York City hosts it's first jazz concert which features performances by future Capitol Records artists Benny Goodman, Jack Teagarden, and Lionel Hampton (who recorded for Capitol as part of Goodman's bands), as well as Louis Armstrong (who would record tracks for Verve Records at The Capitol Tower Studios as well as perform on the soundtrack for the motion picture "High Society" which was released by Capitol), Artie Shaw, and Roy Eldridge.
1962 - The duo Shirley & Lee (vocalists Shirley Goodman & Leonard Lee) sign with Imperial Records whose catalog is currently owned by Capitol Music Group's parent company EMI Music Group. Their first recording session for the label will be held in New Orleans on February 1, 1962, where the will record the tracks "The Joker", "Together We Stand", "My Last Letter" and "I'm Old Enough" with Dave Bartholomew and Wardell Quezergue on trumpets, Waldron 'Frog' Joseph on trombone, Warren Bell and Clarence Ford on tenor saxophones, Carl Bluin on baritone saxophone, James Booker on piano, Justin Adams on guitar, George French on bass, and either Robert French or Joe 'Smokey' Johnson on drums. Imperial will release the first two tracks together as a single (Imperial 5818) and the last two tracks together as a single (Imperial 5854). 1969 - The Foundations' UNI single "Build Me Up Buttercup", with "New Direction" on the flip side, enters the top 40 of Billboard's Hot 100 Singles chart. Capitol will later release the track as part of its soundtrack to the movie "There's Something About Mary" in 1998
45 Years Ago Today In 1975 - Epic Records releases future Capitol Records artist Minnie Ripperton's single "Lovin' You" with "Edge Of A Dream" on the flipside. Capitol Records currently distributes Ripperton's catalog.
1992 - Right Said Fred's Charisma Records (a division of Virgin Records America, whose catalog is now owned by EMI Music Group, Capitol Music Group's parent company) single "I'm Too Sexy", with a 7" version on one side and a Spanish version on the flipside, enters the top 40 of Billboard's Hot 100 Singles chart
1996 - Future Capitol Records artist Lisa Marie Presley files for divorce from Michael Jackson

1892 - Oliver Hardy, comedian and motion picture actor, best known as part of the team Laurel and Hardy, is born Oliver Norvell Hardy in Harlem, Georgia
1952 - Curly Howard (born Jerome Lester Horwitz), vaudeville and motion picture actor, comedian, brother of Moe and Shemp Howard, and member of The Three Stooges dies at age 48 in San Gabriel, California. He would later be buried at Home of Peace Memorial Park in East Los Angeles in the Western Jewish Institute Section, Row 5, Grave 1.
1954 - Sydney Greenstreet, stage and motion picture actor, dies at age 74 and is later interred in Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery, in Glendale, California.
1963 - Tenor saxophonist Stanley Turrentine, with Shirley Scott on organ, Sam Jones on bass, and Clarence Johnston on drums, records the titles "Without A Song", "Never Let Me Go", "Major's Minor", and "They Can't Take That Away From Me" in engineer Rudy Van Gelder's studio in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. Blue Note Records will reject the takes of "Without A Song" and "Major's Minor" and will issue "Never Let Me Go" as a single (Blue Note 45-1894) and on Turrentine's album "Never Let Me Go" (BLP4129/BST84129) and "They Can't Take That Away From Me" on the CD release of the album (7-84129).
1987 - Billy Vera & The Beaters' single "At This Moment" peaks at #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 Singles chart. The single, reissued by Rhino Records after being featured on the television series "Family Ties", was originally issued in 1981 by Alfa Records, which was shuttered by its Japanese owners, and Rhino licensed the track from ATCO. The single was originally released by Rhino with Vera's own composition "I Can Take Care Of Myself" on the flipside but later, according to Billy, "Rhino got word that 'Peanut Butter' was popular within the Carolinas Beach Music scene, so they repressed with that song on the flip...". Billy's still busy performing, writing, producing, and doing some really fun voiceover work.<

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