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JANUARY 1, 2009


1916 - Ramblin' Jimmie Dolan, singer, guitarist, and Capitol Records artist (1949-1955), is born Lee Roy Petit in Gardenia, California
1958 - Lisa Germano, singer, songwriter, violinst and Capitol Records artist (1994), is born in Mishawaka, Indiana

1948 - Sol "Tex" Williams signs with Capitol Records
1948 - Hal Derwin (on vocals) with an unlisted orchestra and The Hi-Lighters (Hal Derwin, Mildred Springer, and Jean Taylor on vocals) record the track "No One But You" in Los Angeles, California. Capitol Records will purchase the master and release the track as a single (Capitol 502) with "One Dozen Roses" on the flip side.
1948 - The American Federation of Musicians Union, in a dispute with the recording industry, starts its second recording ban in four years. Capitol Records begins purchasing masters and setting up instrumental sessions in London, England, Mexico City, Mexico, and Paris, France and will have its vocal artists record overdubs on these tracks.
55 Years Ago Today In 1954 - Duke Ellington (on piano) and His Orchestra (Clark Terry, Willie Cook, and Cat Anderson on trumpet; Ray Nance on trumpet, violin, and vocals; Quentin Jackson, Britt Woodman, and George Jean on trombone; Jimmy Hamilton on clarinet and tenor saxophone; Russell Procope on alto saxophone and clarinet; Rick Henderson on alto saxophone; Paul Gonsalves on tenor saxophone; Harry Carney on baritone saxophone, clarinet and bass clarinet; Wendell Marshall on bass; and Dave Black on drums) record the tracks "Frivilous Banta" and "In The Mood" at Universal Studios in Chicago, Illinois. Capitol Records will issue "Frivilous Banta" on Ellington's album "Dance To The Duke!" (T 637) and "In The Mood" on Ellington's album "Ellington '55" (H 521).
1961 - The DeCastro Sisters (Babette, Cherie, Olga) record the final overdubs for the tracks "Goody, Goody", "Them There Eyes", "I Enjoy Being A Girl", " and "You Can Depend On Me" in Los Angeles, California. Capitol Records will issue the final tracks on the sisters' album "A Rockin' Beat" (T 1501).
45 Years Ago Today In 1964 - The Beach Boys (Mike Love, Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, and Al Jardine on vocals, with unlisted guitar and drum players) record the tracks "Fun, Fun, Fun" (with Mike Love on lead vocal) and "The Warmth Of The Sun" (with Brian Wilson on lead vocal) at Western Studios in Los Angeles, California. Capitol Records will issue "Fun, Fun, Fun" as a single (Capitol 5118) with "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" on the flip side and "Warmth Of The Sun" as a single (Capitol 5306) with "Dance, Dance, Dance" on the flip side.
1966 - The Beach Boys' Capitol Records single "Barbara Ann", with "Girl Don't Tell Me" on the flip side, enters Billboard's Hot 100 Singles chart
1970 - Jimi Hendrix and Band of Gypsies, play for the first time in public, finish two days of gigs at the Fillmore East in New York City, New York. The last two shows will be recorded for a live album that will be released by Capitol Records to honor a 1965 contract that Hendrix had signed with the label.
40 Years Ago Today In 1969 - Capitol Records registers the masters for The Beach Boys tracks "Darlin'", "Wouldn't It Be Nice", "Sloop John B", "California Girls", "Do It Again", "Wake The World", "Aren't You Glad", "Bluebirds Over The Mountain", "Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring", "Good Vibrations", "God Only Knows", and "Barbara Ann" which were recorded in December, 1968 in London, England. Capitol Records will issue all the tracks on the group's album "Live In London" (ST-11584).
1971 - Jerry Corbitt records the track "Till You Come Back Home Again" in Los Angeles, California. Capitol Records will issue the track on Corbitt's eponymous album "Jerry Corbitt" (ST-771).
1973 - Future Capitol Records band Klaatu (John Woloschuk, Dee Long, and Terry Draper) begins when they step into a studio in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for the first time together to record their first album.
1977 - La Costa (on vocals) with an orchestra of unlisted musicians records the track "I Second That Emotion", the (as of 2005) unissued track "Nothing Without You", and the track "We're All Alone" in Los Angeles, California. Capitol Records will issue the first and last track together as a single (Capitol 4414).
30 Years Ago Today In 1979 - Glen Campbell records the (as of 2005) unissued tracks "Roll On Brother", "Music, Music, Music", "Blues My Sweetie Gives To Me", "You Will Not Lose", and "Basic Lady" in (listed as possibly) Los Angeles, California for Capitol Records.
1981 - Capitol Records band Klaatu disbands
20 Years Ago Today In 1989 - Freddie Jackson records the track "Christmas Forever" at an unlisted studio. Capitol Records will issue the track on the CD "Freddie Jackson Greatest Hits" (8-27641-2).

1956 - Future Capitol Records group The Four Preps (Bruce Belland, Ed Cobb, Marv Ingraham [aka Marv Ingram and born Marvin Inabnett], and Glen Larson - all Hollywood High students) is formed in Hollywood, California
50 Years Ago Today In 1959 - Johnny Cash gives a concert at San Quentin Prison. Future Capitol Records artist Merle Haggard is one of the inmates present at the show.
1962 - The Beatles audition (unsuccessfully) for Decca Records in London.
1963 - Future Capitol Records artist Dick Dale & The Del-Tone's Deltone Records singles "Miserlou" (with "Eight Till Midnight" on the flip side) was #1 on both radio stations KRLA and KFWB in Los Angeles, Californai and his single "Peppermint Man" is #5 on both charts and it's flip side "Surf Beat" is also on KRLA's chart
1971 - Capitol Record's parent company, Electric & Musical Industries, changes its name to EMI Ltd.
1997 - Townes Van Zandt, singer, guitarist, and Poppy Records artist dies of a heart attack at age 52. United Artists Records acquired Poppy's masters, then EMI Music, Capitol Records' parent company, acquired United Artists' catalog

1916 - Marvin Camras, electrical engineer who perfected Magnetic Tape, is born in Chicago, Illinois. Capitol Records is the first major label to record masters to tape.

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