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DECEMBER 22, 2016

1915 - Felix Slatkin, violinist, conductor, concertmaster at 20th Century Fox Studios, session musician and concert master for many of Frank Sinatra's Capitol Records recordings, member and musical director of the Capitol Records group The Hollywood String Quartet (with his wife, cellist Eleanor Aller Slatkin, violinist Joachim Chassman [later replaced by Paul C. Shure], and violist Paul Robyn) which produced 21 albums for Capitol and with whom Sinatra also recorded, as well as The Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra, founder of The Concert Arts Orchestra, solo artist for Liberty Records (the "Fantastic" series), father of conductor and music director Leonard Slatkin and cellist Frederick Zlotkin (the original Russian spelling of Slatkin), is born in Saint Louis, Missouri

1944 - Eddie Miller and His Orchestra (including Miller on tenor saxophone, Matty Matlock on clarinet) record the track "Everything I Have Is Yours" (arranged by Matlock with a vocal by Martha Tilton), which will go unreleased until it is included on the 1997 Mosaic Records box set "Classic Capitol Jazz Sessions", and "Who, Me?" (written and arranged by Matlock), that will be released on a promotional single (7-1223) by Capitol Records on the flip side of "The Hour Of Parting", in Los Angeles, California
1947 - Stan Kenton and His Orchestra (Buddy Childers, Ray Wetzel, Al Porcino, Chico Alvarez, and Ken Hanna on trumpet; Milt Bernhart, Eddie Bert, Harry Betts, and Harry Forbes on trombone; Bart Varsalona on bass trombone; George Weidler and Art Pepper on alto saxophone; Bob Cooper, and Warner Weidler on tenor saxophone; Bob Gioga on baritone saxophone; Kenton on piano; Laurindo Almeida on guitar; Eddie Safranski on bass; Shelly Manne on drums; Jack Costanzo on bongos; and June Christy on vocals) record the tracks "Harlem Holiday (A Message To Harlem)" (solos by Costanzo, Alvarez, Cooper, Bert, Pepper, Porcino, Kenton, Safranski and Manne), "This Is My Theme" (vocals by Christy), "Bongo Riff" (solo by Costanzo), "Somnambulism" (solos by Safranski, G. Weidler, Bernhart, and Cooper), and "Interlude" (trombones and rhythm only, solo by Kenton) for Capitol Records at RKO-Pathe Studios in New York City, New York
1950 - The Lou Busch Orchestra (lineup unlisted) record the titles "The Breeze Kissed Your Hair", and, with vocalist William Reeve, the titles "Following The Sun Around", "Hallelujah", and "Who" in Los Angeles, California (probably at "The Chateau") for The Capitol Records Transcription Service which will issue the first three titles on the transcription disc C-100 and the last title on the transcription disc C-99.
1955 - Dick Haymes (on vocals), with Ian Bernard and His Orchestra (lineup unlisted), records the titles "How Deep Is The Ocean""Where Or When", and "Come Rain Or Come Shine" in Los Angeles, California. Capitol Records will issue all the titles on Haymes album "Rain Or Shine" (T 713).
1955 - Sonny James (on vocals and guitar) with Bill Simmons on piano, Neal Jones on rhythm guitar, Paul Buskirk on electric mandolin, Harland Powell on steel guitar, possibly Paul Brawley on bass, and William Pecchi on drums, records the titles "My Stolen Love""My God And I" with additional vocals by Neal Jones and Harland Powell, "May God Be With You", and "For Rent (One Empty Heart)" at Jim Beck Studio in Dallas, Texas. Capitol Records will issue "My Stolen Love" and "For Rent (One Empty Heart)" together as a single (Capitol 3357) and "My God And I" and "May God Be With You" on James' album "Southern Gentleman" (T 779).
1958 - Frank Sinatra, with conductor Billy May, records the tracks "Day In - Day Out", "Baubles, Bangles And Beads", "Dancing In The Dark", "Saturday Night" and "Cheek To Cheek" at The Capitol Tower Studios in Hollywood, California. May arranged all the tracks except "Saturday Night" which was arranged by Heine Beau. All the tracks will be included on Sinatra's Capitol Records album "Come Dance With Me".
1960 - Nat "King" Cole (on vocals), with Ralph Carmichael conducting the orchestra (Harry Klee, Ted Nash, and Arthur Smith on reeds, Bobby Hammack on piano, John Collins on guitar, Joe Comfort on bass, Lee Young on drums, a string section with Victor Arno, Israel Baker, Harry Bluestone, Emil Briano, Harold Dicterow, Dave Frisina, James Getzoff, Henry Hill, Joseph Livoti, Dan Lube, Rickey Marino, Alex Murray, Erno Neufeld, Lou Raderman, Ralph Schaefer, Paul Shure, Albert Steinberg, and Gerald Vinci on violins, Alvin Dinkin, Allan Harshman, Lou Kievman, Ray Menhennick, Milt Thomas on viola, Bob Stone on arco bass, Justin DiTullio, Victor Gottlieb, Armand Kaproff, Kurt Reher, and Eleanor Aller Slatkin on cello, and Kathryn Thompson on harp), records the titles "I Remember You""Sunday, Monday, Or Always""A Nightingale In Berkeley Square""My Need For You", a rejected take of "The Touch Of Your Lips", and "Poinciana" at the Capitol Tower Studios in Hollywood, California between 1:30 PM and 5:30 PM. Capitol Records will issue all the titles except the rejected take of "The Touch Of Your Lips" on Cole's album "The Touch Of Your Lips" (W 1574).
1960 - Ray Anthony (on trumpet) and His Orchestra (Woody Fansler, Chuck Mederios, Tom Pattin, and Marty White also on trumpet, Keith Butterfield, Tom Oblak, Bob Quatsoe, and Dick Reynolds on trombone, Earl Bergman on alto saxphone, Steve Cole on clarinet and alto saxophone, Cliff Hoff and Bill Slapin on tenor saxophone, Leo Anthony on alto and baritone saxphone, Ray Browne on piano, Allan Reuss on guitar, Frank Szosteck on bass, and Louis Bellson on drums) using arrangements by Ray Anthony record the titles "Be My Love" with vocals by Ronnie Deauville, "More Than I Care To Remember" with vocals by Ronnie Deauville and The Skyliners (vocal group, lineup unlisted), and a unissued take of "True Blue Lou" with vocals by Tommy Mercer, then using arrangements by George Williams record the titles "Columbia, The Gem Of The Ocean" and "Mr. Anthony's Blues" in New York City, New York. Capitol Records will issue "Be My Love" as a single (Capitol 1352) with "Sally (I Wonder What's Become Of Sally)" (recorded November 10, 1950) on the flipside, "More Than I Care To Remember" and "Columbia, Gem Of The Ocean" together as a single (Capitol 1367), and "Mr. Anthony's Blues" as a single (Capitol 1502) with "Cook's Tour" (recorded October 26, 1950) on the flipside.
55 Years Ago Today In 1961 - Vocalist Kathy Linden, with unlisted musicians, records the titles "Beautiful Brown Eyes" and "Remember Me (To Jimmy)" in Los Angeles, California. Capitol Records will issue both titles together as a single (Capitol 4700).
55 Years Ago Today In 1961 - Vocalist Nat "King" Cole and The George Shearing Quintet (George Shearing on piano, Emil Richards on vibraphone, Al Hendrickson on guitar, Al McKibbon on bass, Shelly Manne on drums) using basic arrangments by Shearing, with Ralph Charmichael conducting his own arrangements to a string section (Victor Arno, Israel Baker, Harold Dicterow, Dave Frisina, Jacques Gasselin, James Getzoff, Erno Neufeld, Isadore Roman, Felix Slatkin, Albert Steinberg, and Gerald Vinci on violin, Alvin Dinkin, Allan Harshman, Virginia Majewski, and Paul Robyn on viola, Mike Rubin on Arco bass, and Hyman Gold, Armand Kaproff, Kurt Reher, and Eleanor Aller Slatkin on cello), record the titles "I'm Lost", "Don't Go", "There's A Lull In My Life", and "Lost April" in The Capitol Tower Studios at 1750 North Vine Street in Hollywood, California between 1:00 PM and 4:30 PM. Capitol Records will issue all the titles on the album "Nat 'King' Cole Sings/George Shearing Plays" (W/SW 1675).
1965 - The Beach Boys (vocalists Brian Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Carl Wilson, Mike Love, and Al Jardine) record the final vocal overdubs for the title "Sloop John B" in Los Angeles, California. Capitol Records will issue the title as a single (Capitol 5602) with "You're So Good To Me" (recorded May 24, 1965) on the flipside.
1965 - Ian Whitcomb (on vocals with unlisted others) records the titles "Heroes Of The Rocker Park", "My Live Has No Reason", "Hound Dog""Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday On A Saturday Night""The Naked Ape" and "When I'm Cleaning Windows" in Los Angeles, California. Tower Records, a subsidiary of Capitol Records will issue "Heroes Of The Rocker Park", "Hound Dog", and "The Naked Ape" on Whitcomb's album "Sock Me Some Rock" (ST 5100), "Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday On A Saturday Night?" on the album "Mod, Mod Music Hall" (ST 5042), and Capitol Records will issue "My Life Has No Reason" in France on the EP "Good Hard Rock" (EAP-1-22008). There is no issuing information given for "When I'm Cleaning Windows", so if anyone knows of any, please leave a comment.
1965 - Tower Records, a subsidiary of Capitol Records, purchases the masters for John Stewart and Scott Engel's (aka original members of The Walker Brothes, with Stewart on guitar and vocals and Engel on keyboards, guitar, and vocals) titles "I Only Came To Dance With You", "Greens", "Without Your Love", and "Ham Hocks". In the United States, Tower Records will issue the first two titles together as a single (Tower 218) and all the titles on the duo's album "I Only Came To Dance With You" (T 5026).
1965 - During two session on this date in Los Angles, California, first, Davie Allan & The Arrows (lineup unlisted) record the title "Michelle" then The Arrows record the titles "Slinky Tower", "Thunderball", "Sulkin'", "Monya", and a untitled and so far unissued instrumental. Tower Records, a subsidiary of Capitol Records, will issue the first five titles on the group's self-titled album "The Arrows" (ST 5020) and "Michelle" and "Slinky" on The Arrows' album "The Arrows" (ST 5020) and "Thunderball" on Davie Allan And The Arrows' album "Blues Theme" (ST 5078).
1965 - Jerry Naylor (on vocals with unknown others) records the as yet unissued titles "Walk A Little Taller" and "For Her" for Tower Records, a subsidary of Capitol Records, in Los Angeles, California.
1965 - Ritchie Dean records the titles "The Old Catherdral" (one take in English and a as yet unissued take in German), "It's Rainin', It's Pourin'", and a as yet unissued take of "Goodbye Girl" in German in Los Angeles, California. Tower Records will issue "The Old Catherdral" and "It's Rainin', It's Pourin'" together as a single (Tower 228).
50 Years Ago Today In 1966 - By changing the speeds on two takes, producer George Martin is able to edit them together creating the finished version of The Beatles' "Strawberry Fields Forever"
50 Years Ago Today In 1966 - Final overdubs are recorded for Matt Monro's titles "Stranger In Paradise" and "Hello, Dolly" in New York City, New York. Capitol Records will issue the final mixes of both titles on Monro's album "Invitation To Broadway" (T/ST 2683).
50 Years Ago Today In 1966 - Vocalist Elli Saint-James records the title "After A Storm" in New York City, New York for Capitol Records which has yet to issue it.
1974 - Helen Reddy's Capitol Records single "Angie Baby", with "I Think I'll Write A Song" on the flipside, is #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 Singles chart
1970 - Johnny & Jonie Mosby (on vocals with unlisted others), record the titles "Rocky Top", "Don't Let Me Cross Over", and "Fallin' For You" in Los Angeles, California. Capitol Records will issue all the titles on the duo's album "Oh, Love Of Mine" (ST-737).
1970 - Joe South (on vocals with unknown others) records the titles "Drown In My Own Tears" and "Rolling On" in Los Angeles, California. Capitol Records will issue both titles on South's album "So The Seeds Are Growing" (ST-637).
1970 - C. P. & W. (Cashman, Pistilli & West aka Dennis Cashman on vocals, Gene Pistilli, and Tommy West on guitar) record the final overdubs for the titles "Knock On My Door", "Across The Universe", and "Child Of Mine" in Los Angeles, California. "Knock On My Door" is still unissued, Capitol Records will issue "Across The Universe" and "Child Of Mine" together as a single (Capitol 3078).
40 Years Ago Today In 1976 - Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band's Capitol Records album "Live Bullet" is certified Gold by the R.I.A.A.
40 Years Ago Today In 1976 - The Rance Allen Group (Rodney Mizell on bass and harmony vocals, Tom Allen on drums and harmony vocals, and Rance Allen on lead vocals, guitar and keyboards), with an uncredited orchestra using arrangements by the session's producers Larry and Fonce Mizell, records the titles "Without Love", "I'm Gonna Make It After All" and "The Blessing" in Los Angeles, California. Capitol Records will issue "I'm Gonna Make It After All" as a single (Capitol 4512) with "Peace Of Mind" (recorded January 22, 1977) on the flipside and on the group's album "Say My Friend" (ST-11613). No issuing information is listed for the other two titles.
1980 - Pages (Richard Page on lead and background vocals, Steve George Page on backing vocals, Fender Rhodes, synthesizer: Yamaha CS-80 - Oberheim - ARP 2600, Mini-Moog, clavinet, electric power oboe and grand piano) with Charles Johnson on guitar, Neil Stubenhaus on bass, Ralph Humphrey on drums, Steve Khan on electric guitar, Jeff Porcaro on drums, Paulinho DaCosta on percussion, Vince Colaiuta on drums, Tom Scott on saxphone, Jay Graydon on guitars and synthesizer programming, Mike Baird on drums, and Al Jarreau on vocal flute, records the titles "You Need A Hero" and "Come On Home" with producer Bobby Colomby in Los Angeles, California. Capitol Records will issue both titles on the group's second self titled album, "Pages" (ST-12123).
1980 - Sheree Brown (on vocals), with unknown accompaniment, records the title "You'll Be Dancing All Night" in Los Angeles, California. Capitol Records will issue the title on Brown's album "Straight Ahead" (ST-12153).
1980 - Future Flight records the title "Dues" with producer Lamont Dossier in Los Angeles, California. Capitol Records will issue the title on the group's self titled album "Future Flight" (ST-12154).
1980 - Cherie Currie (on vocals), with unlisted others, records still unissued takes of the titles "Prisoner" and "Cherry Bomb" in Los Angeles, California for Capitol Records.
15 Years Ago Today In 2001 - Johnny Wakley, singer, songwriter, and son of Capitol Records artist Jimmy Wakely, dies from liver disease at age 57

1900 - The "His Master's Voice" picture is registered as a trademark of The Gramophone & Typewriter Ltd. (later to become Capitol's parent company EMI) in Britain. Francis Barraud's painting "His Master's Voice" was purchased by The Gramophone Company Ltd. on September 15, 1899 and was first used the following year on the company's Record Supplement for January 1900. The company later hired Barraud to paint copies which hang in EMI's corporate offices around the world, including (at least as of 2001) one on the "E" (13th) floor of The Capitol Tower in Hollywood, California.
1958 - The Chipmunks with David Seville's Liberty Records single "The Chipmunk Song", with The Chipmunks' "Alvin's Harmonica" on the flipside, is #1 on Billboard's Pop singles chart. Liberty's catalog is currently owned by Capitol Records' parent company EMI Music.

1877 - A review of a demonstration by Thomas Alva Edison of his invention, which can be used in the home to record and playback audio using a funnel speaker that also acts as a microphone, a wax cylinder, and a stylus that both cuts grooves in the cylinder and reads the grooves for playback, is published in the December 22, 1877 issue of Scientific American.

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