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AUGUST 9, 2018

The Wallichs Family: Mrs. Dorothy Wallichs, Glenn Wallichs, their daughters Linda and Susan, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Wallichs at a luncheon honoring Glenn on the groundbreaking of The Capitol Tower on September 27, 1954. It was also Glenn and Dorothy's 21st wedding anniversary.
1910 - Glenn Wallichs, electronics inventor, founder of the Wallichs' Music City chain of record and music shops, co-founder (as well as vice president and eventually president and chairman of the board) of Capitol Records and it's associated companies, is born Glenn Everett Wallichs in Grand Island, Nebraska. Wallichs will also become the first record executive to come up with the idea (and implementing it) of giving free personalized promotional copies of upcoming releases on high-quality vinylite to radio disc jockeys to encourage airplay.

1947 - Tex Williams' Capitol Records single "Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette)", with "Roundup Polka" on the flipside, hits #1 on The Billboard magazine's Records Most-Played On Air and Best-Selling Popular Retail Records charts. The single is also the first release (40001) on the red and gold Capitol Americana label. 1957 - Pianist Joe "Fingers" Carr (aka Lou Busch), with an orchestra and chorus (lineups unlisted), records the titles "Sophia", "Sea Breeze (Puamama)", and "Dominique" in Los Angeles, California. Capitol Records will issue "Sophia" and "Sea Breeze (Puamama)" together as a single (Capitol F3791), "Dominique" as a single (Capitol F3883) with "Fingers Medley: Hot Potatoes/Two Dollar Rag/Looney Louie" (recorded April 2, 1956) on the flipside, and "Sophia" and "Dominque" on Carr's album "Joe "Fingers" Carr Goes Continental" (T 1000). 60 Years Ago Today In 1958 - Nat "King" Cole's Capitol Records single "Come Closer To Me (Acercate Mas)" is #13 on KFWB's Fabulous Forty Survey in Los Angeles, California and #27 on Cash Box magazine's Best Selling Singles chart. 1962 - Vocalist Jack Scott, with Bill Hendricks conducting an orchestra (lineup unlisted but contains piano, guitar, bass, drums, and strings players) and a vocal group (lineup unlisted), records two takes of the title "If Only" with the first version using the string section, and "Go Away From Here (Cryin' In My Beer)", and "Green Green Valley" at Bell Sound Studio in New York City, New York with producer Lee Gillette). Capitol Records will issue the first take of "If Only" and "Green Green Valley" together as a single (Capitol F4855) and Bear Family Records will issue all the titles and takes in Germany in the five-CD box set "Jack Classic Scott - The Way I Walk" (BCD 15534).
1967 - Vocalists Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, with The Bill Lee Singers and Bobby Hammack conducting an orchestra (lineups unlisted), record the titles "It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year", "Merry Christmas, My Darling", "Sleigh Ride/Jingle Bells", and "Christmas Is Always" in Los Angeles, California. Capitol Records will issue all the titles on the duo's album "Christmas Is Always" (T/ST 2818).
1967 - Capitol Records purchases the masters for Santa Claus' titles "Jingle Bells", "Up On The House Top", "Santa's Night Before Christmas", "Jolly Old St. Nicholas", "Finale: Holiday On Ice", "Stories About The North Pole", "Story Of Small One", "What Santa Wants For Christmas", and "Introduction" Holiday On Ice" and will issue all the titles on the album "Santa's Own Christmas - Narrated by Santa Claus" (T 2836).
1967 - Vocalists Tennessee Ernie Ford and Marilyn Horne, with Jack Fascinato conducting an orchestra (lineup unlisted), record the titles "More Love To Thee O Christ", "Softly And Tenderly", "In The Garden", Nearer, Still Nearer", and "Who At My Door Is Standing?" in Los Angeles, California. Capitol Records will issue all the titles on Ford's album "Our Garden Of Hymns" (T/ST 2845).
1967 - Capitol Records registers the masters for Rod McKuen's The Love Movement recorded by Arthur Greenslade who arranged and conducted the titles for The Echo Symphony Orchestra and Pablo Bernstein's Rubber Band (lineup unlisted) which included the titles "Overture To 'The Love Movement'", "Kill The Wind", "Salvation Army Workers Don't Belong In Bars", "I'm Strong But I Like Roses", "The Complete Madam Butterfly", "Eddie's Theme From Concerto For Four Harpsicords", "Eastward The Buffalo (The Raga Rag)" with Moltan Lava on sitar, "Mini Love (Grand Finale)", "The Love Movement", "The Way It Was Before" with vocals by Flo Bennett, "The Eighty-Third Psalm", "Who Kills A Butterfly On A Wheel", "Me Thinks Thou Doth Protest Too Much" with voclas by Percy Protest, "Smoking Banana's Will Clean Your Mind", and "It Gets Lonesome When Love Goes" with vocals by Flo Bennett and will issue all the titles on McKuen's album "The Love Movement" (T/ST 2838).
1967 - Ruben Wright, with unlisted others, records the titles "No One Knows", "When The World Is Ready", "Let Me Go Lover", and "Breaking Into The Big Time" in New York City, New York. Capitol Records will issue "When The World Is Ready" and "Let Me Go Lover" together as a single and has yet to issue "No One Knows" and "Breaking Into The Big Time".
1972 - Vocalist Marjorie McCoy, with unlisted others, records a unidentified track, "Rockin' In The Same Old Boat", "I Don't Believe", and "Guess Who" in Los Angeles, California for Capitol Records which has yet to issue any of the titles.
1972 - Vocalist Stoney Edwards, with unlisted others, records the titles "She's My Rock", "She'ls Helping Me Get Over You", and "Honky Tonk Heaven" in Nashville, Tennessee. Capitol Records will issue all the titles on Edwards' album "She's My Rock" (ST-11173).
1976 - Capitol Records releases Tennessee Ernie Ford's last album for the label, "For The 83rd Time", whose title references how many albums Ford had, in various configurations, released on Capitol.
1977 - Diana Williams, with unlisted others, records the titles "Here Comes Another One", "My First Night Alone", "One Night Of Cheatin' (Ain't Worth Reapin')", and "I'll Love You Back Together" in Nashville, Tennessee. Capitol Records will issue "My First Night Alone" and "One Night Of Cheatin' (Ain't Worth Reapin')" together as a single and has yet to issue either "Here Comes Another One" and "I'll Love You Back Together".
1992 - School Of Fish (lineup unlisted) record the title "Save It For Later" in a unlisted location for Capitol Records. No issuing information is listed.

1957 - Flutist Herbie Mann (with Jimmy Rowles on piano, Howard Roberts on guitar, Buddy Clark on bass, Mel Lewis on drums, and Frank DeVol conducting a string section) records the tracks "Moonlight In Vermont", "Body And Soul", "Oodles Of Noodles", and "Stardust", then (with just Rowles, Clark and Lewis) the tracks "Let's Dance", "Strike Up The Band", St. Louis Blues", and "Tenderly", and then (with Laurindo Almedia and Tony Rizzi on guitar, Tony Reyes on bass, Milt Holland on drums, and Frank "Chico" Guerrero on congas) the tracks "Frenesi", "Baia", "Peanut Vendor", and Evolution of Man(n)" for his Verve Record albums "The Magic Flute of Herbie Mann" at The Capitol Tower Studios. Some of the tracks will also appear on the Verve/VSP album "Big Band Mann".
60 Years Ago Today In 1958 - EMI, Capitol Records parent company, signs 17 year-old singer Cliff Richard to the label
1976 - Brother Records releases two singles by The Beach Boys - "It’s O.K." with "Had To Phone Ya" on the flipside and "Everyone's In Love With You" with "Susie Cincinnati" on the flipside. Capitol Records currently distributes Brother Records catalog.

1945 - Nagasaki, Japan is the second, and so far last, city to have a United States atomic bomb dropped on it. After this bomb is dropped the Japanese military forces, under orders by its emperor, will surrender to the United States, not knowing that the U.S. has used up all it's existing atomic weapons.
1967 - Joe Orton, an English playwright and author, who had been commissioned by The Beatles' manager Brian Epstein to write the screenplay for The Beatles' next movie "Up Against It", is found murdered and his lover, Kenneth Halliwell, is dead from an overdose of sleeping pills in their Islington flat. Their bodies were discovered by The Beatles' PR man Derek Taylor.
1969 - The bodies of Sharon Tate, Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger, Voytek Frykowski, and Steven Parent are found, murdered by Charles Manson's "family". They are found in a house that Tate and her husband, Roman Polanski, had recently leased. It's previous tenant was The Beach Boys' producer (as well as the son of Doris Day and, at the time, boyfriend of Candice Bergen) Terry Melcher. When Manson sent his "family" to "kill everyone in the house", he didn't know that Melcher had moved out. Manson, after meeting The Beach Boys' drummer Dennis Wilson, wrote a song originally titled "Cease To Exist", but released as "Never Learn Not To Love" (after Wilson changed some of the lyrics and took sole writing credit), the flip side of The Beach Boys' Capitol Records single "Bluebirds Over The Mountain", on December 2, 1968. Wilson also produced tracks for a demo for Manson at The Capitol Tower Studios in 1968 and had gotten Melcher to listen to Manson at an audition for a possible recording contract with Capitol. Melcher turned Manson down, earning Manson's hatred. Manson's "family" also killed Leno and Rosemary LaBianca at their nearby residence.
1974 - Richard Nixon resigns from the presidency of The United States of America and Gerald Ford is sworn in as the country's thirty eight president.
1995 - Jerry Garcia, guitarist and vocalist with The Grateful Dead, dies at the Serenity Knolls drug rehabilitation center in Forest Knolls, California at age 53 of a heart attack exacerbated by sleep apnea.

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